Abortion: My Body, My Choice … Or is it?

It’s a woman’s body, so isn’t abortion her choice?

This is a very important question that deserves an accurate answer.

First, let’s begin by saying that no woman – pro-choice or pro-life – delights in intentionally ending the life of her child. No woman feels empowerment or desires to end the life of her child.

So, does abortion really kill a child? Or is it a just blob of tissue inside a woman’s body?

We spoke with Dr. Robert Lawler, an OB/GYN in Downers Grove, Illinois with 20 years of experience on the development of an unborn child. Dr. Lawler is a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Here’s what he confirmed is how an unborn child develops in the womb:

  • Science says that at conception the hair color, eye color, and sex of the child has already been determined. The child’s DNA is completely unique from the mothers’ and will never again be repeated in the history of the world.
  • At what age does an unborn child’s heart begin beating? 21 days after conception (3 weeks.)
  • At what age can an unborn child hiccup in the womb? 16 weeks!
  • At what age can an unborn child feel the pain of being dismembered by the abortion? 20 weeks! Read more on the science behind the pain an unborn child feels at 20 weeks here.
  • At what age does an unborn child’s brain begin to develop… and at what age does it stop developing? The human brain begins developing at 4 weeks and stops developing at 25 years old!
  • At what age does an unborn child’s fingers and toes develop? 9 weeks!

Better yet, you can see what a person looks like for yourself. Check out the development of a child here.

Not only do all the scientific experts above soundly refute that an unborn child is merely a “blob of tissue,” but so does every textbook on the human person! Last week, we established with science that it is an undisputed fact in the medical community that human physical life begins at conception. To learn more about this, click here.

So it’s not just a woman’s body that’s involved?

If it is in fact just a woman’s body, then we would have to teach that when a woman is pregnant, she has two heads, two hearts beating, four arms, four eyes and twenty fingers!

To describe an abortion as merely removing a part of the woman’s body is scientifically incorrect. To remove a woman’s gallbladder is to remove a part of the woman. To remove the child is to stop the child from growing inside a woman’s womb – two very different concepts. Therefore, the arguments that it is a woman’s body or a blob of tissue are easily dispelled.

Science and experience show us that abortion hurts women and that an unborn child is in-fact a human person at conception. Therefore, an unborn child is guaranteed equal rights as all men and women. This doesn’t detract from a woman’s rights, and an unborn child’s rights do not exceed the mother’s rights. However, they are equal to hers. This means, both the mother and the child have a right to life.