Abortion by Mail Approved by the FDA

Doctors have made public their concerns about abortion clinics sending abortion pills to patients through the mail, without ever seeing the patient or confirming their pregnancy with an ultrasound. However, FDA commissioner Janet Woodcock has just declared it safe to allow mifepristone, the chemical abortion pill RU-486, to be sent to patients and taken in dorm rooms, apartments, and homes without any medical supervision. Her supposed reason for this? Safety and protection against COVID-19. 

Previously, under the Trump administration, the Food and Drug Administration had warned against websites selling “dangerous and misbranded abortion pills.” These pills were being sold without a prescription and without any follow-up care from doctors. 

“By facilitating the sale of the unapproved and misbranded” products, the FDA claimed the websites are “causing important safety measures that are put in place for FDA-approved mifepristone for medical termination of early pregnancy to be bypassed.”

Apparently, the FDA doesn’t still feel the same way. Just last week Biden appointee Janet Woodcock claimed that it is perfectly acceptable for the medical abortion pill to be taken without medical supervision.

Not surprisingly, the National Abortion Federation was thrilled to hear this news. They reacted to Woodcock’s announcement by announcing that “in states that allow the practice, NAF members can use telemedicine and start mailing mifepristone pills to patients immediately.”

Not only is abortion being pushed heavily during this time of a pandemic, but now it is being pushed in ways that would have seemed preposterous a year ago. Even just a few months ago, when the FDA rejected the idea of abortion being used as telemedicine, there was little pushback on it. Now, abortion is not only rampant but is less safe than ever.

Where do we stop? First, early abortion was legalized. Next, abortion was pushed to be legal in the second and even third trimesters. Now, we are normalizing the shipping of a pill that will kill a woman’s baby, where the woman will have to handle the side effects on her own!

This will not stop unless we speak up. The pro-life generation needs to come together and demand more for women. We need to help America to realize that it is not empowering for women to have greater access to the destruction of their own children. Rather, women deserve more for themselves and their children than a hands-off, quick-fix that will leave them bruised and scarred, inside and out, for the rest of their lives.