Abby Johnson and Nick Sandmann to Speak at Republican National Convention

This week the famous Abby Johnson tweeted, “Since the Trump campaign has confirmed, I guess I can, too. I am speaking at the Republican National Committee!” Abby Johnson is best known for her story being told in the popular pro-life film released in 2019, Unplanned. She is the founder of “And Then There Were None,” which she created after a dramatic conversion that caused her to quit working with Planned Parenthood. This organization helps women who work for Planned Parenthood get out of the abortion business and find different jobs. 

Abby Johnson isn’t the only iconic pro-life figure who will speak at this conference, Nick Sandmann, the student at Covington High school who was accused of racist actions at the 2019 March for Life but was later found innocent, will also be speaking. He tweeted, “I can’t tell you all enough about how excited I am to be a part of this year’s RNC!”

These two dynamic pro-life activists are sure to spark much excitement and enthusiasm about the pro-life movement at the Republican National Conference. As was mentioned before, Abby Johnson has been a pro-life icon even before her film came out. She always wanted to help women and as a college student, she believed that working at Planned Parenthood would help her accomplish that. She worked at Planned Parenthood, first as a volunteer and then full-time, for 8 years, eventually becoming a clinic director. 

Prompted by her heart and the witnessing of an ultrasound-guided abortion for the first time, Abby watched as a 13-week old baby was ripped to shreds while trying to cling to life; this was the end for Abby Johnson. Scared and alone, she ran to the pro-life group across the street and asked them to help her escape this web she had become caught up in. Once she got out, she founded the aforementioned group, “And Then There Were None,” which has helped over 430 women leave the abortion industry. She is also a vibrant pro-life speaker and is well known to pro-lifers around Americ.

Nick Sandmann, as mentioned above, is the Covington Catholic High School student in the infamous Covington Case with the Native American activist at the 2019 March for Life. Sandmann was accused of acting racist towards Native American Activist Nathan Phillips after the March had ended, while he was waiting with his classmates for their bus. After the full videos were revealed, however, they show that Phillips was in fact the one who approached Sandmann and started beating his drum very loud in Sandmann’s face. Sandmann just stood his ground and kept his eyes on Phillips. There have been lawsuits filed on Sandmann’s behalf against news agencies who portrayed Sandmann wrongly, one of which was just recently resolved, so Sandmann’s popularity is still very much present. 

These two poignant pro-life speakers will no doubt catch the eye of many pro-lifers around the country, and Nick Sandmann will probably spark the interest of many young people as well. Without a doubt, it is important to announce to the world that these people will be speaking and advocating for the next generation of pro-life leaders.