Here’s a Sneak Peek at our New Groundbreaking Program

Our office received a heartbreaking phone call from a woman who had just had an abortion in Illinois and was now distraught.
We spent hours on the phone listening and showing her love.
That’s when she told us the following:
“Because I’m so actively pro-choice it was very hard for me to call a pro-life organization for help. But Planned Parenthood had no compassion for my suffering.
I have never met a pro-life person who was so kind and cared so much about me. Thank you so much.”
In everything we do, we bring the truth with love. And that’s exactly why our new Heart2Heart Educational Program is so successful. We recognize that love and facts are necessary to convert the hearts of pro-choice students.
We have 10 amazing new educational videos coming THIS SUMMER to schools in Illinois.
We wanted to share a sneak peek with you…
We’ve tested our educational program in schools in Illinois.
After participating, 94% of pro-life and pro-choice students said they felt more pro-life!
Here’s what some of the students had to say:
“Very inspirational”  … “Changed my views” …
“I wish I had heard earlier”
“Made me realize how real abortion is and to never do it”
“shows me that abortion is not pro-woman”
“this was all so meaningful and changing my perspective on things.”
“Outstanding” … “Awesome, had biggest impact on me to be pro-life”
We could go on!
We’re counting the days until we can release these videos for all to use in assisting in their pro-life education and converting hearts and minds.
Stay tuned…