40 Days for Life: Walking Away From Death

With the annual 40 Days for Life campaign beginning this week, what better way to get a kick-start on your activism than to listen to the powerful story of an ex-abortion clinic worker?

Sue Thayer—now the leader of the 40 Days for Life campaign in Storm Lake, Iowa—was a center manager for Planned Parenthood for 18 years before leaving the abortion industry.

During her almost 20 years of working for Planned Parenthood, Sue truly believed that she was helping women. In this episode of Life Chat, Sue explains in detail why she believed that lie, and what led her to work at a place that she now knows leads in the killing of so many innocent lives each year.

Her eyes were only opened to this fact gradually when, in a staff meeting, she was informed that she would have no choice but to be trained in webcam abortions and start administering them.

Webcam abortions are abortions where the doctor is not actually physically present in the building. The abortions are done by non-medical staff, usually a clinic assistant, and in many states, such as Iowa, a waiting period isn’t even required. A woman comes in and has a pregnancy test done, and the staff performs the abortion by themselves in 45 minutes.

Thayer was appalled at this, and she knew that something needed to be done. This didn’t seem like an effective way to look out for womens’ health! Her concerns fell on deaf ears, and it was at that moment that she began to see the deep-rooted evils of the abortion industry.

Through much prayer and research, she eventually had a conversion of heart which led her to share her story with thousands of people. Listen to our latest Life Chat to discover the horrors of the abortion industry and why it is so important for you to get involved with campaigns such as 40 Days for Life!