40 Days for Life Begins Its Largest Campaign Yet

40 Days for Life, a bi-annual pro-life activism event lasting 40 days, began again on February 17, 2021. The goal of 40 Days for Life is to encourage pro-lifers to, quite literally, stand for life by praying in front of abortion clinics.

On the very first day, one of the members of 40 Days for Life discovered that Family Planning Associates Medical Group–a notorious abortion clinic in Chicago–had closed down. “Praise God! FPA Chicago has closed permanently,” Joe, of Chicago, proclaimed. 

Steve Carlen, director of the 40 Days for Life campaign, announced in a CNA interview that this year’s 40 Days Lenten Campaign is the largest yet. Not just centered around large cities this time, it is actually taking place in 567 cities around the United States.

He goes on to say that,  “it’s not just the biggest one, it’s the most important one, because we’ve seen unprecedented attacks on the dignity of human life.” He explains the importance of these days being centered around the Christian season of Lent, a time where many around America take a closer look at their lives and draw closer to Christ.

The importance of prayer cannot be underestimated, Carlen explains, “we don’t have political power, we don’t have Wall Street or Silicon Valley or Hollywood on our side, but we do have God on our side, so I think it’s an opportunity for us to turn to Him.”

When we put our personal lives aside for an hour or two and stand in front of an abortion clinic to witness for the unborn, we are putting our beliefs into action. 

More than ever before, we need people who are willing to sacrifice their time for prayer and witness–now in a time when much of our nation is in chaos. It is important to remember that the biggest holocaust is happening in facilities around our county, every day, with little ceremony.

To learn more about this ministry, or to sign up for a time and place near your, visit 40 Days for Life’s website. Your witness for the unborn could make a great difference in a multitude of lives.