2017 Illinois Abortion Statistics: Out-of-State Abortions Increase

On Thursday, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) released the 2017 Abortion Statistics report. Reported abortions in Illinois have increased since 2016, with a marked increase in reported abortions on women coming from out of state.

According to the 2017 report, there were 39,329 abortions in Illinois, up from 38,382 abortions in 2016. While the number of reported abortions on Illinois residents showed about a .5 percent increase, reported abortions on out-of-state residents increased 21.6 percent from the previous year, bringing the number of abortions performed on women from out-of-state to 5,528.

“This increase is indicative of how truly regressive we are when it comes to protecting pre-born children in Illinois,” said Mary Kate Knorr, Executive Director for Illinois Right to Life.  “Illinois is an outlier amongst our neighbors, whose legislatures have consulted science and found that discouraging abortions is in the best interest of their residents. Terry Cosgrove’s Personal PAC spends absurd amounts of money in elections to intimidate our legislature to maintain the extremely pro-abortion majority in Springfield.”

Reports by the Illinois State Board of Elections reveal hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenditures made by Personal PAC to influence local races in previous election cycles.

“Illinois is critical to the abortion industry’s bottom line, and our extremely pro-abortion general assembly is its puppet on a string,” continued Knorr.  “These numbers will continue to increase as long as Cosgrove and his abortion PAC continue to strong-arm our legislators.”


To view the 2017 Illinois Abortion Statistics, click here.


More 2016/2017 comparisons below:


Abortions on Illinois Residents: 0.5% increase (169 more abortions)

Abortions on out-of-state residents: 21.6% increase (985 more abortions)

Unknown abortions reported: 17.6% decrease (207 less abortions)

Total Abortions in Illinois: 2.4% increase (947 more abortions)


Abortions on Illinois Residents (ONLY)

0-14 years old: 12.5% decrease (13 less abortions)

15-17 years old: 8.1% decrease (81 less abortions)

18-19 years old: 6.1% increase (123 more abortions)

20-24 years old: 0.04% decrease (5 less abortions)

25-29 years old: 3.3% increase (313 more abortions)

30-34 years old: 2.3% decrease (137 less abortions)

35-39 years old: 2.6% decrease (87 less abortions)

40-44 years old: 6.8% increase (70 more abortions)

45+ years old: 11.3% decrease (11 less abortions)

Age not reported: 3.1% decrease (3 less abortions)