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All of our science, research, and data is reliable, credible, and comes from the latest and most detailed scientific textbooks, medical professionals, and studies available. Our staff constantly researches, digs, and studies the most recent data so you don’t have to. all our information is cited to credible and reliable sources so you can see for yourself what we’re reading.

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Pro-Life Printable Handouts

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  • Precious Baby Feet Pins
    • For cost information, call or email us.
  • Fetal Development Model rentals
    • For cost information, call or email us.


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NOTE: If you register with us that your school or pregnancy resource center or Church is using IRL provided resources, then all materials above can be provided at discounted rates.

  • “The First 9 Months” brochures (suggested donation)
  • Precious Feet Baby Pins (suggested donation)
  • Fetal Development Model rentals (IRL shipping cost waived – you cover return shipping only)

To register your school, simply email to obtain further details on how to receive discounts. It takes only 5 minutes!

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