A girl approached our presenter immediately following our talk at a grade school in a classroom full of Illinois’ future leaders. We were presenting on the beauty of life and the extraordinary development of a child in the womb. When the student was called upon, she asked our speaker for some change. I need to call my mother, the girl explained. My parents are divorcing. My mother is crippling under the pressure and she just found out she is pregnant. She’s getting an abortion. I need to call and tell her not to abort my little sibling.

Our positive and loving education outreach touches hearts in Illinois reducing the number of abortions and instilling a spirit of love and admiration for the authentic dignity of the most vulnerable members of our Illinois communities.

When we do not educate, there is pain in our communities.

While we were giving a talk on the work of Illinois Right to Life a hand shot up in the audience. The woman said to us, “Are there really other options than abortion? I mean are there really?” As we began to outline the numerous choices outside of abortion our eyes fell upon a young female colleague in the audience. As we continued speaking, we noticed our colleague would no longer make eye contact with us. She was staring down at the ground. Her body was twisting away from ours. She was trying to hide the pain in her face from us, but she couldn’t. Immediately we knew. It was as if her heart was screaming out to ours “If only I had known! If only someone had taken a moment to educate me.”

Every day, Illinois Right to Life works tirelessly so that no woman and no man ever has to say again if only I had known. And if this week our work saves even just one baby, perhaps that baby will be the one to lead the final battle to end the horrible mistreatment of Illinois’ most innocent and gentlest people.