Congratulations Amazon, You Sold Out Women’s Health for Money

Amazon has now wiggled its way in to receive a cut of the abortion industry’s multibillion-dollar profits. In January, Amazon began quietly selling Plan B, an abortion-inducing drug taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse.  Amazon began selling the abortion drug for about $17 – well below the $32 manufacturing cost according to a Princeton research study. Today, the average price of Plan B on Amazon is about $44. Selling the abortion drug isn’t the only way Amazon is making money off of women’s bodies. While investigating the ability to purchase Plan B from Amazon, advertisements for a plan… “C” appeared below the product. The advertisements, strategically shown to customers who are viewing Plan B on Amazon, are paid advertisements for Illinois abortion clinics.

If your $44 Plan B doesn’t work, here’s your plan C: an abortion that on average costs $421. Couple the advertising income from the abortion industry with the profits from selling Plan B and Amazon has a brand new income stream.

How can Amazon sell Plan B without a minor girl or a woman needing a prescription? In 2011, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) was about to approve Plan B over-the-counter (without a prescription). In a shocking last minute move, Former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, an outspoken abortion advocate, halted the FDA’s attempt. In what some experts called an unprecedented move, Sebelius issued a letter to the FDA challenging the validity of its data that called prescription-less Plan B “safe” for any age. Sebelius called the FDA’s data “inadequate to support approval.” President Obama supported Sebelius’ refusal to legalize prescription-less Plan B saying, “as the father of two daughters, I think it is important for us to make sure that we apply some common sense to various rules when it comes to over-the-counter medicine.”

The abortion industry immediately sued the Obama Administration and won a ruling from U.S. District Judge Edward R. Korman to sell Plan B to all ages without any restrictions. After the Obama Administration’s initial appeal was rejected by a three-judge Court of Appeals, the Administration dropped its defense. Thus, one year ago on June 20, 2013, Plan B became legal to sell to a person regardless if she or he was 11 years old or 51 years old.

Plan B is a painful, abortion-inducing drug with serious health side effects to girls and women. Side effects (from the Plan B website) include: menstrual changes, nausea, lower stomach (abdominal) pain, tiredness, headache, dizziness, breast pain, spotting, bleeding, and vomiting.

By eliminating a woman’s contemplation process: a discussion with her doctor about the risks, side effects, and proper administration, the abortion industry has also effectively removed any thought into the ramifications of the abortion drug. With the click of a button, Amazon delivers to your doorstep the little pill that can end human physical life. Children under the age of 17 cannot be admitted to a rated R movie without parental accompaniment but Planned Parenthood, a child sexual abuser, or now Amazon, can administer a drug to your 11-year-old daughter, niece, or goddaughter without you ever knowing.

If you think teen pregnancy isn’t an issue think again. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, from 1995 to 2011, 67,928 abortions were performed in Illinois on girls 17 years old and younger. That’s 11 abortions performed on a minor girl every day in Illinois.

Now, because of Amazon’s partnership with the abortion industry, a sexual predator can order Plan B and never have to show his face in public. He can even order ahead and keep the drugs in his medicine cabinet if he’d like.  Just like that, Amazon can claim “innocence” in aiding and abetting a sexual abuser in covering up his crime because of negligent regulations. And not only did Amazon get paid for its “innocent” assistance in the crime, it did so all with the Amazon smile.

Congratulations Amazon on becoming a corporation that places greed above the concern for teenage girls.  Congratulations Amazon, on becoming the latest corporation to throw moral responsibility and ethics to the wind in the interest of “growing profits.”

Some things are more important than money. Children and women’s health are two of them.