Are You In?

On Wednesday, March 1st, 40 Days for Life will kick of its 2017 Spring Campaign. Participants are getting geared up and ready to go for what’s going to be campaign number TWENTY! And it’s going to be big – in size and impact. People … Continue reading

The 6 Most Shocking Things about HB 40

You’ll never believe what our state representatives are trying to push into law. The legislation is ready to be called for vote in the House, at any time. The bill is HB 40, and if we don’t act now, it … Continue reading

A Reflection on my First March for Life

Shaking and shivering a bit, I struggled to keep my balance. “You okay up there?” My friend’s voice trembled a little… probably because I was sitting on top of his shoulders, fidgeting and grappling with my camera. I needed to … Continue reading

President Trump Ends U.S. Funding for Abortions Overseas

BREAKING: On Monday, January 23, 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order prohibiting U.S. foreign aid to be sent to international, non-governmental organizations that provide or promote abortions overseas, as a method of family planning. The policy which Trump … Continue reading

Is Planned Parenthood a Leader in Women’s Rights?

Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation, calls itself a leader in women’s rights. Planned Parenthood, in their cute pink paint and flashy talking points, has launched themselves to the front of the conversation positioning themselves as a … Continue reading

“Life Wins!”

Smiling faces, singing and dancing, and LOTS of yellow LIFE balloons. That’s just about all you could see and hear in the crowded streets of downtown Chicago on Sunday, January 15, 2017. The temperature was a balmy 35 degrees (yes, … Continue reading

What You NEED to Know About HB 40

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Governor Rauner has signed House Bill 40 into law. Instead of focusing on fixing the budget crisis, our pro-abortion legislators have worked to push this radical bill into law. Here’s why this is such a disastrous legislation: 1) … Continue reading